NYC Spring 09 V

1. Jonathan Saunders:
Jonathan Saunders left me a bit cold this season in his experiments with volume and shape. There is something a bit off about the colorblocked vest, and although initially I don't want to like it, I am drawn to it. I think one could really make this work with some skinny jeans instead of that inexplicably gross skirt. The shoes though, are ACES.

I think this was one of the most successful experiments with volume and proportion and I must say that although weird, I really really love it. The little capelet/jacket is super cool and I even love the ruffled tiered skirt with the tube skirt under it. It feels very sexy but with a dose of brains. Always a good combination.

2. Catherine Holstein:
Very cute and wearable. Ixnay on the shoesay, though. I don't know how to speak pig latin, but I do know those shoes ain't good.

3. William Rast:
I know! I am just as surprised as you are that I am featuring a look from Justin Timberlake's line. I decided to click through the first five looks to see if something captured my fancy and then this appeared! It's total futuresexlovesounds or whatever the crap his album was called. In any case, I love it. The silver tuxedo jacket is insanely delicious and I love all the layering malarky that is going on down there. Weirdly enough I kept clicking through the rest of the collection and all I saw were cutoffs and ponchos, so maybe this look snuck in by mistake? I mean, there is really nothing else in the collection that looks like this! In any case, good job JT!

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