NYC Spring 09 VI

1. Chris Benz:
No, I'm not crazy. This look is all kinds of bananas in pajamas BUT I love it? I think it's the color palette and the awesome slouchy pants. I will leave the exposed boxers to the mens and be all like "So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so."
And Team Pool? Gimme a break. (Yeah I saw the Team Beach one, but I was still like wha? I don't know man, I was not swooning over the Benz the way I usually do. It was a bummer).

2. Peter Som:
Peter Som is pretty awesome. Although he has a some whatUpper East Side-Socialite thingamajig going on, I have an inkling that he still knows how to get down and party and drink PBR's and eat cheese fries with the rest of us. Amidst all the prim and proper looks he sent down the runway, there were some definite gems that I would just love to wear. Take this look for example, the blouse is really beautiful and has a slight awkward femininity vibe to it, which is echoed in the weirdly plaid/ruffled skirt. If you switched out the shoes for some brogues or some neon flats or something, you'd be the coolest kid in the block! (While writing this I imagined Lauren Santo Domingo wearing it. She better not get any ideas!)

An oxford bustier romper. Yes. I mean, who else would wear this stuff? I am seriously digging the layering and the floppy brown belt and the casual jacket with scrunched up sleeves. Do you think Forever 21 ever thinks to knock off Peter Som (Uh, not that they should of course, because knockoffs are bad and whatnot, but the point is that I really want an oxford bustier romper).

I'm sure the fact that Anja is wearing it has nothing to do with how awesome this is, but it can't hurt either. The combination of blues is AWESOME, and I am all for this mini trend of pairing regular ole' shirts with insanely luxurious skirts. The brown belt is an intrinsic part of this trend. I don't even have a brown belt, can you believe that? Must go hunting for one.

3. Zero Maria Cornejo:
I really like the way this dress/tunic/vest thing is built but I would only wear it if it was a dress. The belt feels a little weird and dresses with pants are one of my pet peeves, so that rules it out of the equation; but bottomline is its a cool print on a cool shape.

4. Isaac Mizrahi:
The Isaac show was awesomely insane. There was neon all over the place and it was just so ZA-ZA-ZOOO! I love how he paired this very delicate almost-lingerie dress with the shock of a neon green undergarment thing. I am ignoring that those are running shorts and pretending it's a slip instead, cause running shorts are just NEVER right.

I love everything about this look. Purple! Neon Yellow! Crazy rolled futuristic sleeves! Yeaaaah!

5. Hanii Y:
The Hanii Y show was insanely futuristic and I just ate it all up with a spoon. Look at that white shirt! It's controlling my mind with its perfection. I won't even talk about how much I love the shoes because I'm certain I would not come up with anything remotely coherent.

Love the crazy sleeves in this jacket. Sleeves are good that way because you can be weird without being called WEIRDO when you walk down the street. Remember that next time you go shopping. The skirt is also super rad, I love that the print is a little messy. Again the shoes torture me. I think a trip to Trash & Vaudeville is in order to pick a pair up (shh, I just totally revealed a secret so don't go around telling everyone about it!).

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