NYC Spring 09 VIII

1. Ohne Titel:
This was the first look at the Ohne Titel show and I think it packs a BIG punch. I get the kind of woman that they are after and they idealize and she is just t-o-u-g-h. I do not like the skirt at all, but I think the jacket is impeccably cut and the details on the shoulders are quite alluring. I am not a believer of tights and pants, but somehow I think I would've liked it in this setup.

Do you think I can pull this off? I really really love it. The top reminds me of a dress that got cut in half and converted in a crazy rebellious statement against cliches of femininity. (Ha! I cannot even BELIEVE I just said that, but you understand what I mean, right? It's the Ohne Titel way!)

I both love and hate this (if this was another site the words "scrolldown fug" would be used). The texture of the pleated chiffon(?) on the dress is fantastic and I love that it's paired with the perfect mint jacket. But then my eye keeps going down and I see all that fabric hanging out there like a ponytail of really short hair and I go "ah!" and THEN I see that weird netting, that frankly looks like plastic and I go "aaaah!". So yeah, what a conundrum right? Ohne Titel is one to watch for sure, I'm definitely looking forward to their future offerings.

2. Behnaz Sarafpour:
Perfect white blouse with crazy futuristic sleeves.

3. Derek Lam:
Sex on (shiny-silver) legs. This outfit is badass. The pants need a one way ticket to my closet and I am still not over my "sheer" obsession from last spring so this is all just.right. I sort of wish the jacket was a bit shorter but I also know that I'm just being picky.

A little Balmain-ish from this current season, but it still oozes cool. Again Anja Rubik, not making any enemies with the clothes she wears.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs:
Looking through this collection I found myself wanting, no, needing so many dresses (ok, so it's these 3 but just bear with me). Big sporty stripes against a liberty print-ish floral dress are just EXACTLY what I want. The little petticoat under it gives it the right amount of sass.

Oh dude, yes. So insanely cool. These are my two favorite things at any given moment; denim jackets and awesome dresses that feature the color blue. The red shoes are icing on the cake.

Ok, this is really the piece-de-resistance. Sporty stripes with LACE!! Oh. MY. Gawd. I'm going to start saving up for this (I imagine by next season Marc by Marc will cost the same as the collection line, the way the prices keep rising these days! Haha, I sound like an old lady).

And the sneakers-mary-jane-boots malarky? NEED! Good thing I have some time before I decide if I want the flats or the cool wooden heels. You're on a roll this season Marc!

5. Max Azria:
Sometimes I wish I was the kind of girl that wore dresses like this and was "sexy", I'm just not that kind of girl, but I can dream, right? I think the belt is really important here because it gives it a little somethin' somethin', I love the way that it goes through the dress and it's just not laying there at the waist doing nothing, you know, because belts have a lot of stuff to do. (Again with the mint green? Do I sense a new wardrobe collection coming up?)


sleepyhead said...

i spy petticoats peeking out hemlines at marc by marc! hmmm, might have to try this.

Jen said...

Definitely go for the wooden heeled Marc shoes. They're awesome.

sigourneyfever said...

Well I just want to wear a Zero shirt with those Derek Lam pants.

And the Marc dresses are rad and I love them.