NYC Spring 09 XI

1. Michael Kors:
Every spring Michael Kors does a swimsuit that I immediately fall in love with. He cuts the legs the exact way that I love them (and the only way they should be cut, if you ask me). I've always wanted a retro-style swimsuit and this one is perfect.

2. Cynthia Rowley:
The Cynthia Rowley show as almost perfection. The dresses were so amazing and it all seemed very modern and quasi-futuristic. This dress, with the outlined dress in it is too cool for words. I'm a big fan of graphic elements and this one is just simple and to the point. (The Adidas-y sandals are scaring me though!)

My wardrobe needs more sheer! This dress is very delicate and feminine but it still has a slight hard edge to it. The white belt is a really cool touch (and doesn't look like it came from the hipster handbook at all!).

3. Richard Chai:
Oh this dress is to die for. It has all of my current obsessions; floral prints, sheer fabric and a peplum. Were I ever to attend a fancy event, I would hope to wear a dress like this.

4. Calvin Klein:
Francisco Costa keeps on keeping on at Calvin Klein with his perfectly minimal, architectural clothing. (Sidenote, I saw him once at this vintage fair in the city and he is sooo handsome in real life and I smiled at him and he smiled back and I felt like a princess for the rest of the day). This dress is amazing, the details are so subtle, yet so intricate and it's almost like paper yet its fluid like fabric. It's so beautiful that I don't even mind that Lily Donaldson is wearing it.

More sheer! This time in the shape of a magic fairy dust coat. Haha, that sounds ridiculous, but those are all the things that come to my mind. What do you wear this with? Does it even matter? I'm gonna go ahead and say "no", but you know, I just talked about "fairy dust" so clearly I'm on another planet.

I love that these shoes look like they went into production and then they were like "Oh no! We forgot to put on the heel!". So they just made a bunch of block heels, made the girls stand on their tippy-toes and then just stuck the heel in with super glue. Totally awesome.

5. Oscar de la Renta:
I was super surprised to see that Oscar opened his show with a swimsuit, and much less with a swimsuit that sort of seems very... Proenza? It's still a fabulous suit and I would wear it, but you know, just saying.
(Also, why are people so surprised that Arlenis is all up on Oscar? I mean, she's the new awesome model, she walks very well, is beautiful and is DOMINICAN JUST LIKE HIM! Seriously folks, it's not rocket science.)

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