NYC Spring 09 XI

Last NYC roundup! I can't wait to see the London kids be awesome.

1. Ralph Lauren:
Ralph takes the plain ole' shirt and fancy skirt trend that has popped up at a couple of shows so far this season and ups the ante by pairing a ripped safari shirt with insanely fancy harem pants. All trends into one! It could've only been trendier if this was a jumpsuit instead of separates. I usually don't like Ralph Lauren but I would totally wear this.

2. Helmut Lang:
Michael and Nicole keep rocking out Helmut Lang the way god intended. It's just cool. There's no need to elaborate any further.

3. Donna Karan:
Donna Karan decided to expand on her fall collection which means I was just like "eeeh whatever, seen it". (I'm such a hardass!) However, I did like this dress because of that unexpected, weird fabric inset at the hip.


Stefanie said...

I usually HAAAAAAAAAATE Ralph Lauren but the image you chose was my favourite from an all-around nice collection! Aren't we just two peas in a pod! And the pod is made of sparkly harem pants.

erikka said...

I think that Helmut Lang is the jacket I tried on at Intermix--if not, it looks just like it.