Paris Spring 09 I

1. A.F. Vandevorst:
I know this is nutty and not at all practical but I love it all the same.

The tights and shoes make this dress look a little cheesy, but I think it's really cool. The print is very beautiful and delicate and I love the loose silhouette.

2. Balmain:
Balmain was a collection of cool jackets, tough girl/rock n roll cliches and weird Barbie party dresses. Not that that's a bad thing, but you know, I just calls it like I sees it.
I love this jacket and those perfectly straight shoulders.

I unabashedly love denim jackets and this is about the coolest one ever. I wish I had this and I would wear it with my imaginary Christopher Kane denim booties from last season that will haunt my dreams forever and ever.

You know. Rock n' roll. Or something.

3. Anne Valerie Hash:
Is this grey jersey? I think so, and even if it isn't, it's clearly fabric with a similar drape and feel which means this is incredibly luxurious but relaxed and effortless. Everything about this rules, especially the awesome twisted-tie neckline/sleeve happening.

I always love a simple shift dress with an incredible print. The subtle variation in colors are SO well done that the dress almost seems like a dream.

4. Rick Owens:
I just finished reading the new issue of POP (omg new favorite magazine) and there are nuns galore in that issue, so going through the Rick Owens pictures felt like a logical extension of my day wherein I stared at various models committing cardinal sins as seen by Katie Grand. But I digress, the clothes were sort of sober and conservative, but the use of skin colored panels really brought things to another level and made everything secretly sensual. Even with crazy floppy duck-feet like boots. This dress is just fantastic (and slimming!).

This coat is stupendous. And look at that cinched waist! Oh marvelous.

One day I will own one of his magnificent leather jackets. Until then I will stare at this one. (Ok, and the ones on Net-a-porter too, have you SEEN those?)


Enfievre said...

haha, i picked 2 of the same balmain pictures.

nadarine said...

The first Vandevorst photos has provided an answer to my question "But if I buy a garter belt, what would I possibly do with it?"
The answer is "go to Milan".