Public Service Announcement: Philadelphia

You should go to this today. Oh shit it already started! ACK! Ok, no worries, you can still go to this. because it's not like a 15 minute thing. And then tell me all about how awesome the store is so that I'll break down and cry and want to run back to Philly. Also: eat a cheesesteak for me. ALSO: drink some Wawa iced tea for me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

you are from philly? thats awesome, I am currently living here.

laia. said...

I'm not from Philly but I went to school and lived there 5 years.

Enfievre said...

laia, i went and it was SO awesome. the clothes are amazing, plus no nyc tax and the install by my friend, nick was really awesome. philly shopping trip soonish?

laia. said...

I am planning a trip to philly soon! I'll def let you know :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Geometric Sleep!

Come soon and say hi!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Laia -the opening was a huge success!
definitely stop in if you are in the 'hood & say bon jour.


sleepyhead said...

I MISSED IT! damn vacation timez.

ps, you lived in philly? craziness. lolz @ the wawa comment.