Simple Beauty

It's happening! Here's my first official Spring 09 post!
I am completely head-over-heels in love with these dresses from Georgette. Just two seasons old, the label feels like a best kept secret, but I think when things are this amazing, it's ok to let the cat out of the bag for a bit.

Can't you just feel the watercolor gathering at the bottom of this dress? The simple silhouette perfectly allows the print to bloom and blossom.

Dudes. AWESOME. Slouchy short-sleeve shirtdress with batwing sleeve? Yes!! Whether printed or solid, this is a TOTAL statement piece. And come winter you know it will be the perfect starting point for insane layering coolness. I need this in my closet!

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sleepyhead said...

i've got my eye on the white shirtdress and am currently dreaming up ways to wear it.