Snap Judgment: Vera Wang

Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Pablo Picasso

How BEAUTIFUL is this Vera Wang look? I wish she had used that cubist fabric on more of her collection because it is truly magnificent. The yellow necklace seems like it doesn't belong but it gives the look the most unexpectedly beautiful pop of color ever. It's the perfect organic shape to contrast the rest of the look. The embellished belt sits there, quietly, but it's really playing an essential role in this as well. Vera really pushes herself every season and makes incredibly beautiful, art-influenced clothes. This is just outstanding.


susie_bubble said...

I was floored by this look (they used it on the Style.com homepage right for a while?)

laia. said...

yes they did! and it got me all excited for the pictures and then this look didnt come out until the last few looks which bummed me out a bit. but its so so so perfect!