YSL Girls

Dear Sartorialist:
Do you have other shots of these girls that you can send to me? I really want to see that girl with the black lipstick and headscarf. Please and thank you.

(haha, just like Unsolved Mysteries)

Mwahaha, who needs the Sartorialist? Altamiranyc totally read my mind. Apparently this lovely lady is a Russian designer by the name of Vika Gazinskaya.

Seriously amazing.


angiesyounglover said...

i know this girl, let's call her cangiescoungcover, and she used to have the unsolved mysteries theme song burned to a cd.

laia. said...

mwhaha you are insane.

white lightning said...

i ithnk its this girl


she always wears some next level shit

laia. said...

oh man, I think you're right.

some girls have all the luck!

editor said...

she is the only girl i've ever seen who could make an hermes scarf look cool.