All up in my brain

This is a post about many things. It is about a pair of shoes I like. It is also about how I don't think I should like said pair of shoes.
Here's the deal: As some of you might know, my #1 shoe pet peeve is when they make fancy shoes that look like non-fancy everyday shoes. It's why I railed against those crazy Docs with heels that appeared on the Browns website a few months ago. But now something's happened that's made me rethink MY WHOLE PHILOSOPHY ON SHOES OMG, ok not really, but bear with me.

I think I love these shoes.

I first spied them in the Michael Kors catalog that has inexplicably* been arriving at my apartment every couple of months. My reaction went something like this: "ew, what? those are gross. wait no are they? they aren't! hmm not bad, not bad at all". Then a couple weeks later I went to Intermix and saw them in person. I laughed as I walked past them and then I stopped laughing and walked back and picked them up because I liked them? OMG YOU GUYS WHAT AM I TO DO? I figured they look really cool in that weirdo way that some fashion editors can make questionable shit look good sometimes. I've been thinking about them ever since.

Then today I came across this picture of Teen Vogue editor Taylor Tomasi over at Garance Dore's and what is she wearing, but a different version of the Michael Kors shoes I've been secretly lusting for (I admit that I also thought these were cute even though FOR SURE I would never ever wear them). It's not really that I need vindication from "famous" people wearing the shit I like, but because this is a shoe that in theory I shouldn't like, this does help quell some of the doubts I have about them. After all this year is all about taking risks and dressing outside my fashion comfort zone right? Right. It didn't turn out so well with the Liberty print Nikes, who now have a lovely owner in Sweden, but I can't give up after one tiny flop! I must keep on keeping on!
Agh, whatever, at this point I'm just crazy.

*Ok, there's an explanation. Bergdorf Goodman sells their mailing list. I can tell because my card is under my middle name because the lady that opened my account was stupid and the catalog comes to my middle name.


Enfievre said...

on the daily, we read each others brainwaves. she is like oh so good to me. and those boots!!! they look awesome on her but i have a feeling they would make me look stupid somehow.

etoilee8 said...

As soon as I started reading this post, (before I scrolled down) I thought in my head "I wonder if she's seen Taylor Tomasi lately. . . ". . . seriously!

laia. said...

enfievre: yeah, I havent tried them on yet. I feel like thats a big step. I cant imagine ill be able to pull them off.

etoilee8: haha!

susie_bubble said...

You were right to second-look those shoes....I likey...