Brain Damage

Yeah, I watched it.
And duh, I'm going to watch it again next week.
It's terrible. JUST TERRIBLE.
But oh man, so awesome to watch.

I've just never seen such incompetent people before! Can you believe that out of three teams, only one team actually performed the task at hand? They were supposed to layout a contributor page with their picture. That's not even a difficult task. Have you ever seen such stupidity before? Shit, I think even in those Real World/Road Rules Challenges (those are still around, right?) people still know what to do, and they are usually the bottom of the barrel brain-wise.
So that was totally rad.

This girl got nicknamed boobs. She showed up the first day in some crazy dress that someone might wear for a "Naughty Office" shoot at Maxim. Joe Zee called her out on it. She spent the next two days crying because she loved her clothes so much and didn't want to change them. It was both pathetic and hilarious. She used to be a legal secretary that for some reason wants to work in fashion, even though these are her favorite fashion icons/designers;"I love Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon, Manny Mashouf (the chairman and founder of BEBE), Oscar de la Renta, Nina Ricci, Lauren Conrad, George Marciano. I'm not too big on designers. I think a lot of the most popular designers make truly hideous clothing."
How did Nina Ricci even make it there? I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's because of the yellow dress that Reese Witherspoon wore to whatever awards show.
So everyone is super mean to her. Whatever. She sucks.

This guy wants to be a fashion designer.
Call me crazy, but I think he's in the WRONG show.

This girl is rich and has a store or something.
She was wearing Chanel on the first day and Joe Zee was all like whatever, it don't work on you and it was hilare. She said she didn't want to fetch coffee for anyone and was excited when the first challenge came up because she could "use her brain". Her team was one of the teams that didn't do the right layout. She is the bitch so far.

This girl's name is Cologne.
She wants to start a label call "Oh de Cologne" and believes in LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST OMG!

I don't care for any of these people yet. Can't wait to see what hijinx ensue next episode.
OH OH OH AND OMG Kate Lanphear was a guest judge and it was crazy to hear her talk. I know it's such a blogger cliche, but whatevs, I love her.


woodley park-zoo said...

I am totally watching this too! I hate that Cologne is the 'california girl' (we aren't all that lame.)

And yes, Kate L's voice wasn't at all what I'd imagine...

I'm so in love with Joe Zee, I love the tactful honesty.

etoilee8 said...

That show gave me a flippin' headache. Kate sucks. Whine, whine, friggin' whine. None of them seem to fully comprehend why they're at Elle (okay the girl wearing the Marc Jacobs bowtie dress GETS IT). And that rich girl, makes me physically ill. She has an air of an entitlement about her which makes me want to punch her in the stomach. Whew. I had to get that off my chest.

jana said...

I went to high school with Boobs. Real name is Kate.

Fashion Fille said...

i loooove this show! the contestants are actually somewhat intelligent, which is refreshing. its nice to watch right after antm! HATE MEGAN.