Cuff Cuff

I am totally in love with these Hayden-Harnett studded cuffs. Not even because they seem like something a certain short-haired, blonde, fashion editor would wear; but because they remind me of the ones I wore when I was in high school, which were totally awesome and purchased at Claires. I found one in my box o' crap a couple days ago and I've been wearing it, but let's face it, a dirty pink leather cuff with studded stars is nowhere near as sophisticated as these.

Oh and the grey one has a total Marc Jacobs vibe which I am LO-VING!
Psst, they have the belts too!


susie_bubble said...

Love love love the cuffs.... if I could afford it, I'd buy up 20 of them and wear them as sleeves....

Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

i like the idea in the above comment (or below)

i love the cuffs
they look so femenine <3