The New Chloe

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Christopher Kane's spring collection (- the cool) + Erin Fetherston = The new Chloe

Remember how I ranted about the new fire-happy bullshit going on in yesterday's Valentino review? Well, I'm actually really upset that they fired Paolo Melim Andersson because I loved what he was doing at Chloe. He took it away from the tired Girly McGirlyson thing that had been going on for far too long, and gave it a dose of swagger. Now they have designer Hannah McGibbon at the helm of the house, who used be Phoebe Philo's assistant, and she has managed to turn back the clock and destroy all the progress that Paolo had done. The collection is a SNOOZEFEST. The clothes were blah and didn't say anything and the shoes weren't even swoon-worthy. If this is the kind of stuff the head-people were looking for, then they should've just hired Erin Fetherston who at least would've brought a ton of press along for the ride.

This was the first look.
First of all, cameltoe. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, I shall continue. The first look in a show needs to make you stop and pay attention, this is even MORE important for someone showing their first collection for a label. This does not fulfill that requirement, especially with the ill-fitting shorts.

Erin Fetherston knockoffs.
And yeah, maybe Chloe used to be the go-to label for the super-girly dresses a couple of years ago, but that time has passed and other people have entered the market and whatnot, so you can't just go around redoing the greatest hits from the past.

This is just awkward looking.

What are the pants doing? Pleated boot-cut cropped trousers? Gross.

This is overall puke-inducing, but let's look at the details. This top had a recurring role in the collection and it's quite terrible, I might add. This is straight-up little girl clothing, my friends, which means it'll only look good on the tiny boobs of the world. And hey, I belong to that club and I wouldn't even wear it because I don't need MORE people thinking I am a little girl. When you're gonna break out the toddler wear, you gotta contrast it with real adult-looking stuff otherwise it's just creepy.


This is the closing look. Can't you just see women everywhere wearing this? Nothing says powerful and strong like flying nun sleeves. Having Karlie Kloss wear it isn't helping either.

The shoezzZZzzzzz...

The bagzzZZZZzzz,,,

This is Hannah McGibbon. She is 38 years old.

Oh well. We'll see how she does next season.


awesome andrea said...

obviously she wants to showcase cameltoe cause she likes showcasing her own. i mean, i can almost see her femoral artery pulsating.


Luce said...

YES. that show was terrible. i actually flicked through the slideshow like it was a car crash i couldn't tear my eyes away from. talk about yawn. I really LOVED Paolo's Angry Girl aesthetic, and then they fired him, for this chick! wwhhhhyyyyyy....

Anonymous said...

God, how sad.

Tavi said...

Thank god I'm not alone. Whoever this new lady is, I want her fired, pronto. Where's my anna wintour mask?

I've read practically all your S 09 coverage and you're hilarious. I love you. Let's go take over Chloe together and fire that crazy bitch.

etoilee8 said...

Whispers: I kind of like the flying nun sleeves. (Crickets chirping).

Anonymous said...

it was really awful! you're ruthless!!

la madre q t pario

hazel said...

i miss paulo. *cries*

Ashford said...

haha... I actually loved this show.. and for all the reasons you listed for hating!
bows, little girl clothes, tiny boobs, old girly chloe, etc.

although I don't think these items will work for "real" women, but I think they would be perfect for my stickly figure. I love the colors, volume, and fabrics with sheen.

funny too, because I normally don't go for chloe or balenciaga (I know, blaspheme!), but I liked both this season and you are all WTF.

I suppose fashion is in the eye of the beholder

CoutureAtTheDoor said...

I AGREEEEE!!!!! Paolo Melim Andersson was great! oh lord, the direction Paulo was going was fabulous! Very wearable YET very modern and chic, The shoes were always so lovely.
Now this ChloƩ collection made me cryyyyyyy,
Hannah's chloe girl and this collection is soooo BORINGGGG and uninteresting. THE SHOES REALLYYYYYY TURNED ME DOWN, LIKE REALLYYYYY.

Lily said...

laia you never reviewed chloe pre-fall '09! I just discovered your blog and have been dying to hear your thoughts about it because it's one of my absolute favorite recent collections.

laia. said...

oh Lily! i didnt like it :(