New Obsession: Sweater Leggings

Have you ever wanted something for the longest amount of time and then you finally get it and it exceeds are your wildest dreams?
I will wear these sweater leggings from Tibi all winter. They are seriously the awesomest thing ever in the history of the entire universe.

This is how I'm wearing them today. (Omg this is the first fall outfit! I've already worn it twice because I love it so much).
I don't know why I have such a bummed out look on my face, must be some Palin leftovers from last night's debate. GEE GOLLY DOGGONE IT *wink*


Enfievre said...

you are so cute i feel like decking you in the face! i love the leggings, unfort i have a jlo ass and cant wear leggings. boo hoo.

TriedandTrue said...

Will you please come be my stylist?? Seriously - I need your help

Tavi said...

Man now you're gonna make me want some sweater leggings and I have to save up for CDG/H+M! I'll just wear them vicariously through you. This is a wonderful outfit, everything is right right right. The denim jacket! How do you do it?

Oh god, PALIN. "And to all ye joe seex payacks out dere, MAVERICK!" *wink*

Angela G said...

You look so totally adorable! Would you please tell me where you found your Tibi sweater leggings? I have been looking for sweater leggings for forever!

laia. said...

The Tibi leggings are from the Tibi store. You can call them if you arent in the city and they'll ship to you. www.tibi.com