Paris Spring 09: Haider Ackermann

Holy crap you guys, this collection was AWESOME. It was tough and sexy and grungy and just fantastic. I want everything and then I'll figure out how to incorporate it into real life. Who cares about real life? Blerg.

I will always love zippers. I am not down with the bodysuit brigade, but I will surely make an exception for this one. This is fierce (like, actually fierce, not hot tranny mess fierce).

And the coolness just doesn't stop. What's going on with that jacket? I must find out. What's going on under the jacket? I must find out. And by find out I mean wear it everyday for forever.

Anything that exposes a hip bone is just perfect. I just can't stop staring at this. I wonder if you can unzip it all the way off? And maybe they make the dress in navy or something and then you could buy both of them and mix and match? INSANITY.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Even if this is dangerously close to being cooterrific, I love it.

No seriously you guys. This collection was awesome. I'm sorry I couldn't be a little more eloquent when describing its awesomeness, but some things are just ineffably cool.

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