Paris Spring 09 III

1. Ann Demeulemeester:
The Demeulemeester collection was brilliant. I just love the way she uses subtle volume and layering in her looks. This jacket is so amazing and sort of hints at the pajama trend that we've been seeing in the runways without being too overt about it. What an awesome thing it would be to be able to wear this everyday.

Little black dress can never go wrong right? I love the way this one wraps around the body and it's almost weird but still very wearable. The shoes are KILLING me with their radness.

Ooh, Jamie Bochert says hello from Paris woo (this is what an opening slot at Marc Jacobs does for you). Anywho, this is SO sexy and I love the subtle sparkles in the fabric (which may not actually be sparkles, because when has Demeulemeester ever used sparkles, but who knows?).

2. Comme des Garcons:

AWESOMENESS YOU GUYS! Don't be put off by the crazy Mozart/upside down Santa Claus wigs, those black dresses are insanely cool and wearable. There is just so much going on in them but the all-black color palette brings it all down one notch.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier:
A button down shirt turned into a dancer cardigan? Omg, this is all my wildest dreams come true. And sheer nonetheless. Ugh, I need to figure out how to do this with a regular button down, it shouldn't be that hard, right?

This dress is bananas. It's super sexy and then it has that weirdo side ruffle/dress thing going on. It works though, it feels like the dress is sliding down her body so even when you get to the crazy fabric at the bottom it still feels elegant and not frumpy. Also: Lace insets!

Primary colors. Like a turkey, I'm done.

4. Junya Watanabe:
The mix of prints here is really cool. Just yesterday I saw this African lady get off the train wearing a really awesome dress with weird draping and the brightest colors ever and I fell in love with her a little. I love what's going on with the skirt as well.

Clearly I loved that print right? Ha. I loved the use of denim in this collection and although long denim skirts have long been a proud member of my "Should Never be Worn" list, this little number is making me reconsider. The eyelet ruffles at the bottom are aces (and I don't even like eyelet ruffles because they remind me of Puerto Rican folkloric dress and who wants to go around dress like you're going to a pageant, but I digress), so yeah. I love this even though it goes against all of my established rules for dressing.

You guys know I love denim suits. This one is sexy and cool and damn look at that long denim skirt again taunting me. Ack!

5. Sophia Kokosalaki:
What is going on with this dress? It looks like it came out of crazy Beetlejuice land. It's alive!! It's alive!!!

I think She-Ra would wear this and look awesome. I would wear it and pretend to be a super hero. Little gold dresses are where it's at, yo.

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