Paris Spring 09 IV

1. Tao:
Couldn't you see lil' Lola Ciccone wearing this out and about in the city? I think it's adorable.

I know it's a little pirate-y but I love the combination of a crazy striped top with a crazy, poufy crinoline skirt. Easy to recreate at home too, folks.

More stripes! This time with a vaguely upholstery-ish floral fabric. Too cool.

2. Veronique Branquinho:
The palette of blues that she used is really wonderful. I love love love the fit on these jeans and the crazy silk(?) button down.

More blues in different materials. It all just looks so lovely.

3. Issey Miyake:
Weirdo deconstructed button down/trenchcoat thing? Count me in. Seriously this dress rules.

4. Isabel Marant:
I was not so into the styling at this show, which is weird because it sort of turned me off to the clothes a little. I thought the models looked like the kind of girls that wear mini denim skirts with Uggs and well, I can't really wear anything that those girls would wear, right? So I only looked at torsos, no feet and no heads to make my picks. The blue jacket is outstanding and I love the easy, breezy, sexy feel of the dress.

So all these pieces look a little cuckoo together, but I think once you separate them and incorporate them into a regular wardrobe they'd be outstanding. I really want a pair of flower print jeans. That sounds crazy.

5. Loewe:
The Loewe show was like meh, but I think it's cause they showed it on mannequins where you can't really appreciate the garments. I thought this dress was very pretty. The real awesomeness from this collection lies in the shoes.

So ladylike and crazy! Is that.. a DENIM ruffle? It is in my head! And you know what that means? I'm in LOOOOVE. Seriously these shoes are insane, where do they even sell Loewe in the states? Must do some research.

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