Paris Spring 09: Lanvin

Alber Elbaz is a master of color.
That's as much as I can come up with right now.
Whereas with other designers, I get a little upset when season after season they keep sending variations on an idea down the runway, I always love Elbaz' show. What is it about him that makes me put all my rules aside and swoon like a nine year old at a Jonas Brother concert (that's what the kids are into these days right?). He has a very clear point of view and a definite trademark look, yet it never looks like a rerun. Every dress is more magical and beautiful than the next. How lucky the women who get to wear his clothes are.

Case in point, the first look that came down the runway. First of all, it's yellow and black which immediately conjures images of Maya the Bee in my head, BUT I STILL LOVE IT. Then we have the one shouldered draped silhouette that we've seen before, and somehow it looks completely different from anything he's done. That shoulder is ten kinds of amazing with a heaping scoop of dear god please hold me on the side.

Orange you glad I didn't resist from being punny? HA HA HA

The slight off-monochromatic thing going on here is KILLING ME. I love this color, my beloved Prismacolor Process Red pencil. This is just so so chic and VERY Yves Saint Laurent no? (The real Yves, not the Pilati collections).

Even in black and white he still manages to be striking. That shirt is unbelievable and I love the tapered trousers.

He just makes SUCH womanly clothes! Yes, it's all pre-pubescent girls from Eastern Europe gallivanting down the runway like it's no biggie, but these are the clothes that look better on women. Women with personalities and age and experience that shows in their face. You guys that skirt is alive! It's calling my name! Ack!

So gorgeous. And I think an all-green outfit is very hard to pull off. Unless you're Kermit, I guess. That sweater is blowing my mind. BLOWING. MY. MIND.

The colors in both these pieces are perfection. I know that I keep saying that for every picture I picked, but it's the truth! The falling flowers are such a great detail and I love the way the pink pops against the petroleum blue color of the skirt.

The shoes were very ladylike and sparkly. I am certain that the ones on the left will be EVERYWHERE come spring.



awesome andrea said...

those shoes sort of remind me of those ice cream cones where the top part is dipped half way into chocolate and sprinkled in nuts.


Clarence said...

The all green outfit is just beautiful - I'd try pulling it off, it might not work, but I wouldn't care. ;)

sleepyhead said...


my favorite look was the green. its so beautiful and reminds me of fresh cut grass.

SICK. said...

elbaz is so talented, his collections just keep getting better & better. those shoes are terrific !

great blog !


nadarine said...

Those tonal looks are gorgeous. They're not too directional as to be esoteric, but just well-crafted enough to be staggeringly beautiful. I <3 you, Alber.

susie_bubble said...

I nearly cried when I was at the show when the last portion of sparkly pieces came out....

bohobum said...

I love him!
have you seen this?

laia. said...

thanks for the link!

lucy:-) said...

ma favorite is green one
that is so incredible!!

i wanna buy that ASAP lol