Paris Spring 09: Louis Vuitton

Omg, what a clusterfuck of AWESOME the Louis Vuitton show was. It's almost sensory overload with Helmut Newton faces, weird afro bang poofs, wooden beads, rope, layering galore and the most insane hoop earrings ever. When Marc is on, he is ON!

This dress is so awesome! What up Comme des Garcons detail on the sleeve and bodice? Orange and black always make me think of Halloween, and even then I still love the color palette here.

One of my favorite things about this collection was the use of saturated color. This simple purple/raspberry dress is super cool. AND THE JEWELRY IS CRAZY!

The pajama trend makes an appearance on the Vuitton runway. This seems one of the more literal interpretations and yet for some reason I would LOVE to wear this. The jacket is insanely tough and cool, and the sheer top seems like the perfect thing to go with it. It's the laziest decadence in the world.

This feels super Americana, even with all the weird stuff. The proportion and volume here are right on the mark. I can see a cool editorial featuring Lauren Hutton wearing this.

Madness. Madness. Madness. The belt and necklace are creating this awesome shield of cool across her chest. This is real 70's cool.

There are 3,400 things going on in this dress and I love them all.

So incredibly powerful and cool. That shoulder is insanity and I am loving the crazy metallic mini. The accessories here were so over the top and yet everything is just perfect.

Yes. Yes. Yes. The mix of textures and materials is just too good to be true. I love that hunter green skirt so so much.

These are so awesome and arts & crafty!

Are these even possible in real life?

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