Paris Spring 09 VII

1. Chanel:
This collection was a little too mature (ok, maybe boring) for my taste, but there was some cool stuff. I love the oversized details on this dress. The two-toned sheer hosiery thing is horrific. Really.

This is giving me a total Comme des Garcons vibe for some reason. Must be the print, right? Anywho it's a little nutty and I love it. (Are we gonna keep doing the clear shoe thing? I liked it at Fendi, but come on Karl, you gotta have more tricks up your sleeve than this one).

Jumpsuits a la Chanel. Awesomely extravagant.

2. Valentino:
So Alesandra Fachinetti is out at Valentino, which I'm sure made the mood at this show totally weird. Honestly, I think the houses today are too fire-happy. How can you fire someone after like, 2 collections? I mean sure, maybe she wasn't getting the BEST reviews (myself included), BUT I dunno, it seems a little hasty. I think new designers should sign contracts that at least guarantee them 5 collections before they get fired. I think five is a good number for proving yourself. Anyways, having said all that, this is the only look I liked from the show (HA! the irony!), it's casual and elegant and sort of weird in its straightforward-ness. I love that the model is wearing flats with it.

3. Requiem:

Loved these two graphic dresses from Requiem. Very chic and simple and only slightly subversive. Would rock both of them with Docs.

4. Rue du Mail:
I'll admit that the reason why I love this so much is that the bodice makes me think of some weirdo evil Mickey Mouse as seen through a Kid Robot toy.



Luce said...

I'm with you on the Valentino thing! I was totally digging what Paolo was doing at Chloe and then they fired him!! Bitches.

laia. said...

omg i LOVED Paolo so so so much. don't even get me started...