Paris Spring 09 VIII

1. John Galliano:
Perfect for all your kinderwhore needs. Courtney Love 4-eva.

This is absolutely incredible. I love the high-waist underwear that's worn with it. You can never ever look slutty when you wear those. Ugh, can you even imagine what this dress looks like up close? Gossamer and moonbeams!

The most breathtakingly beautiful, feminine dresses come from Galliano.

Um, someone's been smoking the wacky-tobacky and reading Marvel comics before they design their shoes...

2. Martin Grant:
So simple and chic yet casual and sexy. I'm seriously going to have to invest in a nice sheer blouse pretty soon. I keep falling in love with them and they seem to elevate whatever it is they are being worn with.

3. Limi Feu:

You know how I love stripes? Yeah, so I pretty much died when I saw these. How much do you think that second skirt costs? Should I start saving up for it now? So many questions and the only answer is "win the lottery" or "marry rich". I'm screwed. I really, really, really want it.

4. Miu Miu:
Prada may have been a snoozefest, but Miuccia brought some really awesome things to the table at Miu Miu. According to Style.com, the collection was about Europe's past, which is why there was some Roman imagery mixed in with the pieces. My favorite part of the collection was the graffiti scribbles that kept popping up here and there, because it's a reflection of the way that some ancient ruins look these days, with the crazy kids and their spray paint and their disregard for anything that matters (did you see how I suddenly turned 89? Amazing). I don't know how many people want to wear a graffiti'd burlap apron, but you know, I don't fight with Miuccia (and it does look pretty cool).

I love the mix of prints here, especially the weirdly floral skirt.

Ok, so I'm not totally onboard with the clothes that were eaten by moths look, but I quite like the fabric without the holes.

The shoes were pretty tamed compared to their usual selves. I love the mosaic print on the wedges at the left. This is definitely a collection that needs to be seen in real life to "get it".


Anonymous said...

I love those baby gray Galliano heels, but your comments! "wacky-tobacky"... hilarious!

nadarine said...

I know the shoes are in extremely limited production quantities for the runway, but goddamn, would it kill you to put the model in a shoe that fits? Seeing her heel hang over the back edge kills the look, and makes me want to wag my finger at Mr. Galliano and Ms. Prada. It makes my toes hurt to contemplate this.