Sonia Rykiel by Other People

At the end of the Sonia Rykiel show, Nathalie, her daughter, came out and surprised her mom with a fashion show of other designers inspired by her as a birthday present. Some of the looks were really amazing. Since Style.com didn't label what designer did what (except for Margiela and Gaultier, which they described in their review), I had to play a guessing game with the ones I liked. So zip-a-dee-doo-dah into the rest of this and see if you can guess who they are too! Woo!

Mystery Designer: Michael Kors?
I think this is very chic and cool and Coco looks precious.

Mystery Designer: Lanvin
I can recognize Alber's style from a mile away. (Ok so the bowtie helped.)

Mystery Designer: Luella
It's gotta be Luella because this is awesome, young, cool and the prints are vibrant.

Who is it?
This is wicked awesome. I want that shirt.

Who is it?
I love this because it's very turn of the century but it's all knitted!

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
I love that Olga Sherer is wearing this dress because she has red hair. But mostly this dress rocks on its own.

Mystery Designer: Ann Demeulemeester?
I think this one is Demeulemeester because this looks an awful lot like the jacket I fell in love with from her show. Which means I love this one too (it's probably knitted though).

Maison Martin Margiela

Who is it?
This is insanely nutty and a little goth and I love it.

Jean Paul Gaultier
I think it's hilariously awesome (please to notice the ball of yarn on wheels behind Lily Donaldson).


Vain and Vapid said...

This was so cool. I am such a fan of Sonia's.... For the horizontal stripy ruffly dress I was thinking maybe either McQueen or Vivienne Westwood...

editor said...

oh, that luella sweater...gimmee.

white lightning said...

ok, i had NO IDEA that these were designed by others, LOVE IT. i had put the gaultier, castjalcbajsdb, and margiela on my desktop as the YES YES YESSSSSSSS of the day. awesome.