Test Driving Trends: Pajamas

After the spring NYC shows ended a couple weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea to start hunting for some of my favorite trends that had popped up on the runway. Yes, it had only been one week, but it was pretty obvious that jumpsuits and pajamas were a big part of the equation. I hit Ebay to look for vintage pieces (something that I never ever do!) and lucked out on some amazing jumpsuits (post forthcoming), but for some reason classic silk pajamas were nowhere to be found! I hit up Google, hoping to find a store that would sell them and it too, yielded no results. I had almost given up on ever find a pair.
You can imagine how surprised I was to find them at Forever 21, of all places.

Goofy is the way to go man, I was tired of looking down or looking into the horizon or pretending not to care. Ha!

Dudes, I can't even tell you how excited I am about this. The pajamas came in a couple colors but I decided that light blue with navy piping was the color combination that most said PAJAMAS to me. I uh, actually bought the skirt there too. It's weird. I can't even remember the last time I bought an entire outfit at one store, much less Forever 21 where I never ever ever ever ever find stuff that I like. I paired it with some purple knee-highs and my beloved Miu Miu heels from way back when. They echo the skirt and I thought it was just too ridiculous not to take advantage of it. The bottom picture is how I'll probably end up wearing it in real life; with my brown manshoes and my favorite army green jacket from Old Navy. I'm totally onboard this. And the satin feels so nice against the skin! Yay.

As if it wasn't painfully obvious, my current inspiration for hair is the divine Ms. Courtney Love in all her kinderwhore glory.


sleepyhead said...

sometimes i find really great things at forever 21, not gonna lie. we have a love/hate relationship.

and you look bitchin.

Amelia said...

I agree with the first commentor about relations with F21. Definitely love/hate. I like the pajama shirt with the skirt and matching shoes. Nice.

laia. said...

thanks ladies.
i also randomly found a sleeveless jacket, which ive totally been obsessing over, but it was too big for me and no one knew where it was its not online either, so i'll have to keep looking.

Paul Pincus said...

love courtney and melissa!

are you familiar with agathe snow? her work?


laia. said...

paul: i am familiar with her, though not so much her work apart from the image you posted on your blog. why do you ask?

Tavi said...

This outfit is spankin, I could never pull off pjs! Rockin the Courtney Love hair too.

Hey! Looky me! I'm hardcore cause I said "spankin" and "rockin" without the g's!

But srsly dude, I cannot tell you how happy I am to know I'm like a younger you because you are awesome.
And...uh..not gonna lie...I have cover bands with my friends too....losers. But SHH.

Enfievre said...

before i even saw c loves on your page i was totally digging the hair. you look amazeo! gah, the internet love affair needs to end.

laia. said...

tavi: thanks! you are such a maverick with your spankin and rockin!

enfievre: or does it need to begin dahlin?? does it need to beginnnn

white lightning said...


this is SO FUCKING RAD. seriously hot. love it laia, LOVE IT. you look amazing.

susie_bubble said...

Love it.... pyjamas are on my agenda too....