My favorite band Gang Gang Dance, plus Psychic Ills and other awesome bands at Santos Party House.
Be there or be square.

Photo via Refinery 29.

Edit 10/25/08 11:35am
Morning After Update

Holyfuckingshit you guys!!! That was INCREDIBLE!
Seriously best show I've ever seen in my life, which is weird because the old number one spot used to be held by the time I saw them play with Animal Collective, but whatever. If GGD comes through your neighborhood you absolutely MUST go see it.
This is totally and otherwordly epic freakjam dancefest. My ears were still ringing when I went to sleep last night.
Growing and Psychic Ills were also great. Growing is a bit more dancey now than what I remembered and Psychic Ills are just this awesome wave of insane.
Best 15 bucks I ever spent in my life.

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Luce said...

ohhhhh. jealous.