Wtf: Balenciaga Spring 09

I don't know what the crap is going on in Paris this season. Is there something in the water? I wish I could see Paris from my house so that I could understand why everyone dropped the ball and took a nap this season. Can you believe I am being forced to write a wtf for Balenciaga? This goes against everything I believe in! SACRE BLEU!

This is the only piece I liked in the entire collection. It's cool and awesome and architectural and very futuristic. The shoes look hideous though, and not in an "omg Balenciaga ugly shoes are awesome!", just in an "eww" sort of way.

The jacket could be cool, I will concede to that, but what is going on everywhere else? Are those pants some kind of raver fabric? ICH! Boring and possibly offensive (you know, the ugliness of the pants).

Of course, the above ugly pants have nothing on this pair with a built-in penis pocket! With extra straps for all your penis traveling needs! Seriously, is this a joke? I love the jacket. It's very simple and minimal but it works. I am also intrigued to know what is going on with the sleeves. Oh wait, it's a sleeveless jacket worn with some gloved-shirt contraption. Pass.

You know when you were little and you were helping your mom decorate the Christmas tree and you're throwing the long glitter on the decorated tree as the big finale and you wish you had a dress that looked just like that? Well, 20 years later, Nicolas brings you the dress of your 80's childhood dreams. Dolly Parton wouldn't even wear this.

I want to like this. Sort of? But I can't because it's just WAGH. Actually, I think I love the top part of this; the mixture of the metallic croc skin(?) with the skin colored jersey top is quite nice. But then why is there a tiered ruffled skirt? It's just not good. Not good at all.

On the other hand, Barbie and the Rockers Ken will think you look real pretty in those.


editor said...

i cannot keep up with your reviews.
i read everything you wrote and i love everything you wrote! this is too fun.
so frustrating about the pajama thing - they've been on my "always a good thing to wear out" list forever. want this trendification of them to pass. fast.

Enfievre said...


CoutureAtTheDoor said...

i actually LOVVVVE this collection, it's extremely innovative and futuristic.

Kylie said...

Are you kidding? Aside from the penis pocket -- with to which I agree completely -- this collection is pure bliss. Sacre bleu indeed.