Lily tagged me for a "Why I love my state" post. I thought about this for a bit, and since I'm a transplant, I decided to cheat a little and write about why I love all the places I've lived in. So it's going to be more a "Why I love my island/cities" post.

Puerto Rico
1. It's fucking beautiful.
I love PR because it is one, if not the most beaautiful places I've ever been to. Sure, I grew up there so I may be a liiittle biased, but probably not. The beaches are beautiful, the mountain greenery is beautiful, and it's just absolute perfect.

2. Bacalaitos, Alcapurrias, Piononos, Tembleque & Arroz con Dulce
Or basically, all the native foods.
Bacalaitos are the big round things on the top left side of the picture. They are delicious cod fried goodies.
Alcapurrias are the long things on the right. They can be filled with different kinds of seafood or ground beef. I prefer ground beef. I didn't like them when I was little but now I CANNOT get enough of them.
Piononos are what the lady is trying to fish out of the pot. They are made of sweet fried plantains wrapped around ground beef. Actually, Plantains are one of my favorite foods, period. Give em to me deep fried, green, mashed, whatever, and I WILL EAT IT.
Tembleque and Arroz con Dulce are awesome desserts. I only get to eat it when I go home for Christmas time. Tembleque is like flan, but a little stiffer and it's all coconutty and delicious. Arroz con Dulce is sort of like rice pudding, with tons of cinnamon and vanilla and raisins and oh man, I am SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW!

3. Holiday Songs
Our holiday songs are about getting drunk, going from house to house singing and asking for food, eating and uh yeah ok and Jesus. But mostly, it's about being insanely happy and sharing everything with your family and friends. Thanksgiving always made me so happy because I knew after it was over it was holiday music time at home on the weekends. Sigh.

1. It's a city that's really a small town.
This is true. I lived in Philly for 5 years while I went to school and I totally loved living there. You know everyone and you see the same faces and it's just a cool place to be. My friends who live there hate it for the exact same reasons hahaha.

2. Wawa Iced Tea

3. The Last Drop
If you are ever in Philly and find yourself around 13th and Pine, please make sure to stop by here. I used to live a block away and pretty much lived there. Their Chai is the best ever and there's always spice remnants at the bottom of your cup so you know you're not drinking some shit from a box. Oh, how I miss thee. Picture via Flickr.

New York City/Brooklyn
1. Because everything is here.
It's really that simple.

I am tagging fellow Philly peep enfievre, elizabeth, because she's a native New Yorker, and my friend stefanie. If you guys don't feel like doing it, no worries, I won't be offended!


sleepyhead said...

wawa iced tea! and their hoagies. of course.

white lightning said...

i will totes do it. it jsut takes me forever.