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Lydia Deetz
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I first spied this INCREDIBLE wool skirt at H&M about a month ago. The weather was still a bit warm, and my wallet was definitely empty so I had no choice but to pass it up. Yesterday I stopped by H&M and was delighted to find it on sale! 70% off even! I cannot tell you enough how much I love it. I feel very lady-like and even though it's just a normal full skirt, I feel a little avant-garde in it as well. It's not the long jersey skirt that I've been looking for, but I think it'll definitely do for now. The real way to wear this skirt is with heels (very New Look), but I didn't feel like wearing heels today (plus next week I'll be starting a new job where I'll probably be wearing heels all the time, so I'm trying to savor my freedom to wear clunky shoes while I have the chance).

Anywho, I bought a "black" tri-blend tee from AA on Saturday because I love them more than anything and thought it was the perfect way to make the skirt a bit more everyday. Throw on my necklaces, navy tights and my docs and I gotta say I feel kinda weird and awesome in this.

Sorry my hair looks nuts, whatevs.


Enfievre said...

i totally almost bought this skirt. killer outfit! new job, eh?

hazel said...

this is so cool.
any chance to look like Lydia is awesome in my book.
you make long black skirts look cool!

etoilee8 said...

You suddenly just became one of fashion icons for that picture of Lydia Deetz. I hearted that movie from a young age and still reference lines from it.

laia. said...

thanks ladiezzz!

Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

Best Outfit ever!!!
I LOVE love LOVE the type of black of the shirt!

I grew up watching that movie, I didn't love Beetlejuice but I adored her (i think i still do).