Heavy Necking

This upcoming spring, go big and bold or go home.

Aurélie Bidermann
Although I'm not 100% into the chain, the rock cluster is so absolutely fantastic that it could be hanging from a dead rat and I would still love it.
Ok, maybe not.
I bet you it has magic powers.

If I say that Alber started this crazy gynormous necklace trend, am I right? I think I am. Anywho, this is awesome. The plexiglass sems like the perfect thing to contrast the jeweled decadence going on here. I think I need to get crafty soon.

Sonia Rykiel
So girly and awesome and French, or in other words, purely Rykiel. I love this. I used to have a pair of Chanel earrings with little Eiffel towers dangling from them and I wore them every day. They were lost in a freak accident. This necklace could definitely soothe the pain and help me rebuild my life. Ha!


nadarine said...

That Rykiel may make my life complete. The gorgeousness is too much/just enough.

Enfievre said...

duderrrr, i was just totally thinking to myself that i would die for a piece of jewelry that looks like fools gold. i totally loved that ish when i was little. some things never change.

readysetfashion said...

yep, i love the contrast of the lanvin necklace. truly mesmerizing.