I can see your pants from my house

Although lately I've been craving baggier-fit jeans, these Kill City Neon Jeans are on my "want" list. They are just SO bright and I also love their slightly higher-rise fit. In the dreariest winter days, you sometimes need a lil' pick me up*, and these pants would surely be it.

Now if I could only find the perfect leather jacket, then I'd be all set!

*I know because I used to have a neon pink pair that were my TOTAL pick me up but I had to sell them to Beacon's on account of my newly acquired... uh.. ok, so they didn't fit me anymore and I totally miss them. These Kill City ones would really be a tool of healing and awesomeness.


Enfievre said...

dood, these are hot.

angiesyounglover said...

i can see your pants from my house, hillary faye.

Some Notes on Napkins said...

they are even brighter in person and i love em!