Spring 09 Shoe Report

So the elections are done and now it's back to business. What better way to continue being high on life than a look at all the awesome shoes that await us next season?

Alexander McQueen
I am not a big fan of stretchy boots, but I will most certainly make an exception for these crystallized open-toed booties. They are magical!

Calvin Klein
Basic nude pumps with cheese-grater heels are absolutely delicious.

I admit that I am not so into the shape of the heel per se, but I quite enjoy the whimsical touches of black lace throughout.

Christian Louboutin/3.1 Phillip Lim
I've posted these a bajillion times, and I do not get tired of looking at them. I will try as much as I can to make these come home with me next season. Oh I cannot wait.

Giambattista Valli
Ok, so the platform is totally nuts and slightly awkward, but it creates such a nice contrast to the delicate classic lace pump, that I'm willing to look past it. It's just gorgeous.

I am SO over the stripper shoe malarky, but I am a sucker for a nice wooden heel and this one looks great with the gold leather.

Jil Sander
Raf Simons (and his shoe designer) always creates beautifully architectural shoes that feel perfectly at home in the real world. I find the mix of brown suede and the shiny black heel very appealing and somewhat intoxicating.

John Galliano
Dude, I still love staring at these. I mean LOOK AT THEM!

Marc Jacobs
The back flap detail just KILLS me the mix of textures and colors ensures that I stay buried underground. OMG

Ok, the stripper shoe rule doesn't count the crazy things that Consuelo Castiglioni sends down the Marni runways. The first one is super playful and makes me think of children's toys. The second one has awesome neon yellow snakeskin and wooden hill. They are quasi-polar opposites and I love them both. (I must say that I would be more likely to wear the first pair than the second one, although there's no way I'd ever turn that second pair down. Ha!)

Miu Miu
It's a classic pump, for sure, but that blue leather ankle buckle gives it an INSANE amount of sex appeal. Ooh, did it just get hot in here?

I love that these shoes are so... powerful. The textures are just insane, these shoes are made for stomping and freein' your mind and then the rest will follow.

Proenza Schouler
The see-through heel is aces!!!
They are very architectural (no, literally, they remind me of buildings).

These shoes are reason enough for me why they shouldn't have kicked Alessandra Fachinetti out to terribly. Yeah, I didn't like her clothes that much, but maybe she was getting there? And these shoes are FANTASTIC. They are a modern glass slipper; and you don't even need a prince charming to wear them out.


Bianca Jessica said...

Great post! Love your picks...

Actually, A Fachinetti was solely creatively linked to apparel I believe. The accessories designers (who are likely responsible for this beauty) are set to replace her.

laia. said...

bianca jessica: ah, well, in that case, they did the right thing!

Amelia said...

These shoes are all amazing. I think I might need the Jil Sander ones and the Louboutins, of course. If only.

KATLIN said...

I want the Alexander McQueen pair on my shelf just so I can stare at them.

Enfievre said...

i choose marni, mcqueen, prada, 3.1. so yums!

Lily said...

Cheese grater heel, it's so Ped-Egg!
You're internet-meme-tagged!

white lightning said...

they are unwearable though, its SOOOO depressing. the marni ones are MAJORLY on my radar but..but...HOW? ho wo to wear them and not die?

Grace Ajanaku said...

This might not be the most spring-forward suggestion and not a recent season but i am absolutely in love with marc jacobs sparkle black patent sport shoes, they are simple amazing and solid, i saw it at the marc jacobs store and it was love at first touch, too bad i didn't have an extra 500 chillin in my pocket, but those shoes are half-priced and i'm highly considering investing in them. just had to put it out there, you guys should check it out.

Soul Tanggg said...

mmmm, I've always had a soft spot for marni shoes. They're always so visually pleasing.

oh, but those Proenza Schouler shoes are amazing as well.

1234 said...

the miu miu one is my favorite. the galliano one is crazzzzyyyy

readysetfashion said...

the mcqueen pair, seriously i would walk out of the house naked with them on and not care one bit. i would wait til summer tho.

gracie o said...

yummy blog, thanks for sharing!!

jerrad jonhson said...

Very stylish and modern. The Miu Miu looks very appealing.

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