From the Vault: Louis Vuitton Spring 2001

All this talk about the new Sprouse/Vuitton bags got me thinking about the collection they first premired in. I ventured back in time, all the way to the fall of 2000, when Style.com had just launched, and I was enjoying this insane access to all the fashion shows before they made it to the magazines. 2001 was an awesome year for me (that's when I graduated high school and went away to college), and I walways remember the fashion from that year very fondly. Those are probably the geekiest words ever uttered, whatever, I am a nerd, deal with it.

Strong shoulder! Neon colors!

Graffiti gloves! Camo flowers! Kate!

Neon heels! Khaki! Awesome flowered skirts!

Marc and Stephen.
How big of a babe was Marc back then?? Amazing!


hazel said...

( although i was kind of 6 years old when they first came out)
looking back in the old Marc Jacobs + Vuitton files is always fun fun fun

boubou said...

I love your blog !!! where are you from ??

i add you to my blogroll and ill be back to continue to read your post !
a bientot !

In-tree-gue said...

It's always interesting to see how style has developed

hazel said...



Peter said...

theres a sprouse exhibit happening at deitch next month.

sleepyhead said...



laia. said...

hazel i cant get over you being 6 when this came out. ack!

Enfievre said...

so much love!

white lightning said...

its too soon to bring back the sprouse print, isn't it? i mean..this feel like it was 5 minutes ago. no? only me?

laia. said...

no, youre totally right... theres no such thing as a "8 year anniversary" or whatever, but i love it just the same.

Ana said...

Mark and Kate both look like hawties.