Pre Fall 09: Second Time

1. Calvin Klein:
Simple geometric shapes are what Calvin Klein is known for, and this dress is perfect reflection of that. The sleeves are SO GOOD!

This color is so beautiful. It's the perfect combination of army green and jade. It's simple and utterly chic.

2. Carolina Herrera:
Love the print on the skirt. Best color blue.

3. Rachel Roy:
The combination of prints and fabrics here is insane! I think I need this jacket in my life.

When this comes out, she better name it the "Laia" dress. 100%

Slouchy suits can be so awesomely cool when done the right way, and this is most certainly done the right way. The jacket is slightly oversized and a alittle mannish and the slim rolled up trousers are giving me heart palpitations.
Rachel Roy: I think I love you.


Enfievre said...

dude, i have a total huge obsession with RR. the laia dress is to die for.

woodley park-zoo said...

OMG seriously, SIGN ME UP for like, a whole season of Rachel Roy please??

Anonymous said...

i just love the hair on the r.r. model.

Matt Rowley said...


hazel said...

definitely should name that the laia dress, definitely.

1234 said...

that last lookd from rachel roy....drooooollll.