Vika strikes again.
It's giving me ideas, I'll tell you that much.

Paris Spring 09 II

1. Yohji Yamamoto:
The Yohij collection was a snoozefest. Actually, most of the shows on the second day of the Paris season where boredsville. Even DIOR! Anywho, the drape of this jacket is very nice. That's all I got.

2. Antonio Berardi:
Antonio Berardi sort of upped the ante in Paris, but I saw a lot of Jil Sander's last spring collection in this to be able to say that it was a great collection. This dress is awesome. The color, the cut, the fabric, it's all just.so.

Love it, but am disappointed to see white underwear under this. That black bodice piece should've clearly been a bodysuit to make this look its best.

3. Undercover:
Man, even Undercover was not up to its usual antics. You guys know I have a weak spot for simple white dresses and the texture in this one is really great.

4. Christian Dior:
Are you guys still awake? This is the best I could come up with at Dior. Can you believe it? The color palette of mustard yellow and Tibetan monk orange has popped up in other collections, but I quite like the way that Galliano has taken it and made it almost neon. I do like the combination of soft leather jacket and ruffle-y party dress, but that's nothing to write home about.

5. Gaspard Yurkievich:
I loved the Yurkievich show. It was a good combination of wearable stuff and show pieces.

This dress is so cool. And the best part about it is that it has enough detail built in that you could just throw it on and go and you would always look good and well put together. Sheer, sheer, sheer. I love sheer.

Party dazzle dress! Yes!


Nina Ricci, Heartbreaker

Ok, I do LOVE this one. It's so magical!

What am I supposed to do with this?
You guys know I simply ADORE Olivier so this is no easy feat for me. I mean, I get it and I'm not saying that it's ugly or bad or anything but, is that enough to base an entire collection on? Jeez, I don't know. I kept thinking it was going somewhere and then it just sort of hung out and said "yo, dudes, I don't care or whatever" and that was it!
Clearly I still love him, but it's just such a bummer. I look forward to his shows so much,

Guess who

What did YOU do this weekend?

I found black lipstick at Rite Aid for 1.99 and figured I'd give this a try (hey, I've spent like 5 days indoors dying from the worst flu ever in the history of the world, I gotta amuse myself somehow...). A lil' lipstick and an old Beatles wig et voila, just like Pilati intended.

Unless someone wants to give me a pair of those crazy croc-stamped YSL booties and invite me to a fashion-y Halloween party where I can dress up as a Pilati zombie, this is the beginning and the end of this look for me. :(

Paris Spring 09 I

1. A.F. Vandevorst:
I know this is nutty and not at all practical but I love it all the same.

The tights and shoes make this dress look a little cheesy, but I think it's really cool. The print is very beautiful and delicate and I love the loose silhouette.

2. Balmain:
Balmain was a collection of cool jackets, tough girl/rock n roll cliches and weird Barbie party dresses. Not that that's a bad thing, but you know, I just calls it like I sees it.
I love this jacket and those perfectly straight shoulders.

I unabashedly love denim jackets and this is about the coolest one ever. I wish I had this and I would wear it with my imaginary Christopher Kane denim booties from last season that will haunt my dreams forever and ever.

You know. Rock n' roll. Or something.

3. Anne Valerie Hash:
Is this grey jersey? I think so, and even if it isn't, it's clearly fabric with a similar drape and feel which means this is incredibly luxurious but relaxed and effortless. Everything about this rules, especially the awesome twisted-tie neckline/sleeve happening.

I always love a simple shift dress with an incredible print. The subtle variation in colors are SO well done that the dress almost seems like a dream.

4. Rick Owens:
I just finished reading the new issue of POP (omg new favorite magazine) and there are nuns galore in that issue, so going through the Rick Owens pictures felt like a logical extension of my day wherein I stared at various models committing cardinal sins as seen by Katie Grand. But I digress, the clothes were sort of sober and conservative, but the use of skin colored panels really brought things to another level and made everything secretly sensual. Even with crazy floppy duck-feet like boots. This dress is just fantastic (and slimming!).

This coat is stupendous. And look at that cinched waist! Oh marvelous.

One day I will own one of his magnificent leather jackets. Until then I will stare at this one. (Ok, and the ones on Net-a-porter too, have you SEEN those?)


You name the drama and I'll play the part

Pulp : This is Hardcore

I've spent a pretty busy Sunday actually making stuff (omg!) so I'm going to leave you with my current favorite song. It has the perfect feeling for fall and Jarvis Cocker is SO foxy.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first shows from Paris!



1. Click to enlarge.
2. Print.
3. Tape up on your wall.
4. Tear down that "Hang in there" kitten poster.

Photo by Garance Dore.


Milan Spring 09: Fendi

It has been SUCH a long time since Karl has put out a collection at Fendi that has made me weak at the knees. I was thinking about the collection while I was doing the dishes (glamorous!) and I kept getting this association with some kind of antique futuristic clothes. Not at all retro-modern, but clothes that people in the early 1900's thought that people from the future would wear. They're delicate and ladylike but visionary.

I love everything about this. The mix of materials is outstanding and I love the simple shape of the shift dress. Every piece feels very precious. I wake up most days with hair like this, perhaps one of these days I'll try going out like that.

See? From the future!
I'm really into beige lately, I wonder what that says about me.

Wowee Zowee! This is super babeliscious. The blouse is conservative, almost nun-like, but combined with the tightly cinched waist and the different sheer materials on the skirt makes it all very sexy! That top lace layer is like the bacon in the brekfast sandwich of my life. ESSENTIAL.

A little structure, a little lace, and a little superhero blue belt. Um. Yeah. So. Cool.

Doily shirtdress + graphic waist belt = 100% Awesome.

If I was some kind of Hollywood starlet, I would be frantically placing a call to my stylist right now to secure me this dress for whatever the most important event I'd have to attend in my life. And then I would wear it to sleep and to go to the supermarket and everyday forever and ever.

And the shoes? Holy mole! I'm totally into those clear window booties man, can you imagine how cool those must look when you wear tights? INSANE!

Thank god for Karl!

Milan Spring 09 IV

1. Pucci:
You know, it's Pucci so there it is, but this one is working some really rad angles that remind me of superhero costumes and a (softened) Thierry Mugler wonderwoman.

2. Maurizio Pecoraro:
Yay, brocades make an appearance again! This dress is so cool and surprisingly wearable. I love that it is deceitfully revealing.

I don't know about you, but I see all these colors and textures together and all I can think of is "most.comfortable.ever". It has a great casual grace to it, items feel slightly worn-in while still looking rich.

Va-va-voom polka dot suit. I'm there!

3. Versace:
I think this great is truly great. It's almost a cliche, but Donatella managed to pull it back to its exact point of glamour and power. (The truth is I think the folds and pleats are what's saving it from being lame).

The heart thing waas a recurring motif in the show, and while cute, it's not exactly my cup of tea. I did like it on this simple white dress, it seems like the perfect detail to adorn it.

And OMG Julie Verhoeven did an awesome print for Versace this season! Could you imagine how happy it must make whoever gets to wear it?

Milan Spring 09: Dolce & Gabbana

Oh.my.god. This collection was so amazing! I am not really a fan of the classic Dolce & Gabbana style, but when they do collections outside their comfort zones, I go gaga all over it. It's Modern Elizabethan on a lazy Sunday. The pajama look that's been hinted at in other runways, came out in full force here combined with beautifully luxurious need-to-be-seen brocades and fabrics. I felt like in some ways, the collection was telling a story about this mysterious woman and her worldly adventures. It's serious and dramatic and decadent.

Look at that jacket with the faceted sleeves! Isn't it just wonderful? Doesn't it carry you away to another time? The combination with the classic silk pajama ensemble is the perfect mismatch for it. It's very rich and sophisticated in a sort of old-fashioned way. The big brooches are the perfect decadent detail.

Love the mix of fabrics here! They're all very sumptuous, but are paired together in an almost comical way that gives the pieces an everyday ease (as opposed to looking costume-y). I am really into these Mickey Mouse ear sleeves too.

Angel Dress.

Devil Dress.
(I like this one better. The way the light reflects on it is just amazing.)

They took my most favorite "casual-everyday-shirt with super-fancy-skirt" trend that's been all over the runways and upped the ante by pairing a Pajama top with an insanely ornate skirt. Don't you love it? She can't even be bothered to change out of her sleeping-wear! Fantastic!

So the dog and the dog carrier are lame BUT this is a cute romper.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Colorblocking brocade awesomeness! Perfect circle sleeves in contrasting colors are IT.

No, no, I lied. These crazy sleeves are IT. This jacket is PERFECTION! Ugh, it's so weird and that fabric is so very upholstery, but you can't get more LUXURIOUS than this. You could wear this with a trashbag as a skirt and you would STILL be the chicest woman ever in the history of the entire universe. I cannot wait to see this fabrics translated to the every-day stores. Woo!

The shoes, however, I did not like. Not one bit.


Milan Spring 09 III

1. Salvatore Ferragamo:
This was Christina Ortiz' second collection for Ferragamo and I thought it was definitely an improvement from the first one. The clothes were very uptown and fancy. I think this look is a little cliche uptown look, but I'm not that bothered by it. The volume of the jacket-cape thing is really cool.

I adore this button-down-turned-corset. I'd wear this all the time.

2. Gucci:
The suits at Gucci look like they came straight out of the menswear show and I LOVE it! The cut is perfect and I love the tropical color combination.

3. Marni
ANOTHER BUMMER! Seriously, what is going on in the world? This was the only look I liked! And it's not even real clothes. Boo. The shoes were AMAZING though.

4. Pollini:
Jonathan Saunders is doing Pollini now (with Nicholas Kirkwood doing the shoes), so of course I loved it. Even though he's been showing in NYC, I thought this print had distinctive London flavor. It's busy and loud and full of life. I love the weird patch of fabric at the top and the all the layers in the skirt. It's just too cool.

DUDES! Sheer shirtdress! I love it. the print is really pretty.

And what happens when you add a nicely tailored jacket to the shirtdress? You up the cool factor by 1000000 points. The shoes are F A B !