Dude-o-rama 2 Electric Boogaloo

1. Jil Sander:
This coat seems almost like a sculpture. It's just so gorgeous. Although I will admit that this does not seem like a dude coat at all. There's something about those rounded, soft shapes that create a faux-hourglass figure that's just totally weird.

2. Marni:
Oh hi. Marry me. Thanks.

3. Missoni:
The sweater and the cardigan here are INSANELY cool. I love the weird blue "stain" on the front and the mismatching prints feel totally retro-futuristic in a non-literal way.

I want the pants.

I'm really digging the combination of colors and textures in this look. The zig-zag is SO Missoni, but here it looks kinda antique and mid-century and not so LOOK IM WEARING MISSONI.

4. Neil Barrett:
Deconstructed Peacoats: Yes.

Cable knit leather sweater: HELL yes.

5. Prada:
The shirt is kinda tacky, but I think that's why I like it so much.


Ashford said...

marni is the best!

E.K. Wimmer said...

Thank you for finding me, I love your blog too.

Lily said...

I want that Jil Sander coat and ditto the leather sweater!

clairegrenade said...

that leather cable knit blew my mind
so cool...

cake. said...

hello #2!

Agnes Deer said...

Neil Barrett's my fav!!