The menswear collections are upon us, and since I am on a kick to wear more stuff from the other side of the stores, here's a fantasy shopping list.

1. Alessandro Dell'Acqua:
For me: Gold sequin pants with beige turtleneck. I don't like turtlenecks, but I am 100% into the crazy glitzy/neutral combinaation. Also, is he wearing different shoes?

2. Burberry Prorsum:
I wouldn't mind having this coat, either.

3. Costume National:
Another great coat. I love that weird sliver cut-out thing happening at the waist. And are those leather insets at the sleeve? Yes!

4. Gianfranco Ferre:
Almost a classic trench with super crazy shoulders. Also the skinny almost leather pants (I'm guessing they are coated canvas or cotton or some other marvel of technology) are super rad and I want them.

5. Gucci:
I think I would wear this suit sans blue shirt and tie. I really want to find a pair of pants like that that don't make me look like a nutjob.

Ok, so these pants are almost tacky and I'm sure they sell 'em at like, Hot Topic or whatever, but they are cool. The croc jacket makes this guy look like a chode, but I bet a girl could rock it, no problem.

Dear Frida, please send me this jacket ASAP. Thanks.


Ashley said...

omg chode! i haven't heard that in forever.
i like the gucci stuff, and shopping on the other side of the store ;)

susie_bubble said...

Must get sequin pants....