Dudeely Dudes

1. Veronique Branquinho:
The print on this shirt is super cool.

2. Comme des Garcons:
Apart from the weirdo leopard print ballerina dude slippers, I love everything about this look. I love the soft colors in the jacket with the flower print shirt.

Love this sweater too!

3. Dries Van Noten:

Great vest! The look is slightly nerdy-safari. I really like it.

I can't tell if this is a jumpsuit or a shirt and pants, but either way I want it.

Another super steal-able shirt. I love the tie tied around the hips in the same fabric as the shirt. This could be a REAL fun piece in a girl's wardrobe.

4. Raf Simons:
Oooh this coat is so classic! I love the heather gray lining.

I want insanely blue sleeves on everything I have.

I also really need crazy shrugs that automatically change the entire silhouette. So, so, so COOL.

5. Rick Owens:
Of course, the beauty of Rick Owens' androgyny is, well, the androgyny. This is insane.


E.K. Wimmer said...

Those blue sleeve are crazy!

Ashford said...

the rick owens is killer.

cake. said...

oh dear god, that first raf simons coat is HOT.