Dudemeisters, the Dudenators

1. Miharayasuhiro:
I think this collection is definitely in the top 3 collections of the season. I loved almost everything and could kids of all genders rockin' it. The blazer with matching overcoat is killing me here, it's SOOOO decadent!

I am not usually a fan of things that tie around the waist or hips, but I must say there is something strangely alluring about this jacket. The multi-chain pin thingamabob is also super rad (and just begging for a diy).

I've been wary of trying drop crotch pants in real life, but I think the soft drape of this pair could make me change my mind. They're flowy pants without being hippie, which I didn't even think was possible to this day. Anyway, killer.

Coat on coat awesomeness.

When I spell out the pieces; tie-waisst jacket over wrap skirt over pants, I get shivers because it sounds totally grossly bananas. And yet I look at this... and it all makes sense?

2. Lanvin:
I don't know when I started digging muted colors so much, but this is just a rad look. I don't know why when I first saw it I thought about Antoine de Saint-Exupery and how maybe he wore something like this when he met the Little Prince in the desert. Random, I know. (Ps. he would've been wearing real boots, not these pointy-toed malarkies).

Shades of grey. Mmmm.

3. Viktor & Rolf:
I'm pretty sure this sweater says "Monsieur". I'm 100% certain it needs to be in my closet.
(And if it turns out it says something else, I'll probably still want it.)

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Alice X said...

I wish men in real life dressed like this, wearing capris, flower pins and handbags:)