I think it's going to be a good year

January 1, 2009
Journey: Don't Stop Believin'

I play an insane air guitar.

Ps. I am in PR right now, its about 68 degrees.
Gotta love it.


deep_in_vogue said...

great image! I think it's going to be a good year, too! Have a great weekend, babe!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

LOL! I always come to you for a laugh darling!

happy new year! (I dont know how long it is before I can stop saying that.... I think till the 5th right?)

Betty said...

oh my god, GREAT colors!

Thu said...

great picture! love the colors.

Ashley said...

lol'ed on this one.
p.s. want to play rock band?

andrea said...

Amazing outfit. I wish I had that shirt (dress?) and tights!!

woodley park-zoo said...

Yes, freaking love this outfit, didn't comment when I first saw it and it still blasts me with its fabulousness.

laia. said...

thanks everyone!

andrea: its a dress! cause you know, tights arent pants! hahahaha

ashley: i SO want to play rockband! i played guitar hero yesterday for the first time and im totally obsessed.

angiesyounglover said...

not to mention your one-handed drumming job.

amazing action shot, look at your necklace! mid-fling!

Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

complementary yellow and purple for ever!

i kind of miss you!