McQ Times Two-ish

I love this McQ dress. So simple. So chic. So out of my reach.

And then I saw this McQ for Target dress...

It's not the same colors or anything, but I think it's a reasonable enough facsimile. And while we're on the topic of McQ for Target... uh, it's not very good. Apart from this dress and all, how on earth is making a diffusion line out of a diffusion line cool? It's all sooo blaaaaaaaaah and it doesn't feel like McQueen, it feels like some kid making a punk rock collection to be sold at Mandee's or something. Oof, was that too rough? Well, I guess I should just stop whining about it since I like this dress. We'll see what happens when I see it in real life.

McQ for Target photo via Nylon.

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erikka said...

I really really really like that dress but worry a bit that it's gonna be insanely short and I feel weird about being bare on top and wearing tights on the bottom.