Oh, just kill me why don't you

Hello young lady. I see you wearing my beloved-yet-never-acquired Dries Van Noten lace-up wedges and rocking them with some totally insane sock-over-jean action. Sigh. You're not torturing me at all, why would you say that? Well played.

Even your short red hair is killer. Ack!

Ps. You look like Lauren Ambrose, you know, that actress that everyone remembers for Six Feet Under, but to me will always be the girl from Can't Hardly Wait.

6:19pm Update:
(just like Unsolved Mysteries!)
Lovely Luce has just pointed me to the blog of the girl above, and upon closer inspection I have discovered that she is not wearing my beloved-yet-never-acquired Dries. I can sleep soundly tonight. I still dig the socks over jeans business. Carry on.


woodley park-zoo said...

I loves me a ginger...

Lauren Ambrose was in some Hallmark kinda movie this past Sunday. My bf and I kept joking that we couldn't miss it...

(AH, word verification = solly. Love that as being a slurry 'sorry')

Luce said...

hahaha fully love your ramble about jackets above!
also, i know who this girl is!!


its her!

Tavi said...

I LOVE this girl's blog, look at all of her photography and you'll like die.
She looks like a mix of Patrick Wolf, my sister, my friend, and young Molly Ringwald.

Alice X said...

i dig her socks over jeans action too, those shoes are killer even if they aren't dvn