Pre Fall 09: 8 is enough!

1. Christian Dior:
Another awesome leather dress! I love that he did it in a prissy silhouette, so it adds an "edge" to it. Also, sheer hose and red stiletto booties can deprissyfy anything, for sure.

Perfect gray suit. I think it's flannel too, which makes it even better. The lace mask is the perfect detail. I wish this was the kind of thing that one could just put on and go out without anyone thinking you're some nutcase who thinks she's a superhero.

Love the color, love the neck, love the subtle pleats. Love love love.

2. Viktor & Rolf:
The shoulders on this are just aces. And I just dig the black and brown combination.

I'm hoping this is a jumpsuit with extra large armholes, worn over a batwing shirt, but even if it's a three piece it is still awesome. I'm just digging the menswear so much lately, and this is just a super rad silhouette.

I need this jacket. I am obsessed with shoulders now, it seems.

3. Loewe:
I love all the different fabrics and textures in this. This is the coolest way to wear one of those fur capelet thingamajigs. It just feels SO unexpected with a button down.

Another rad sheer shirt. I have a couple strapless dresses that I always wear over t-shirts because of uhh my lack of boobage (they tend to slide down and become skirts otherwise). Anywho, this is cool. Her legs are really freaking me out though. The hat looks AWESOME with it too.

4. Yves Saint Laurent:
D E C A D E N T!

I've always loved the concept of "secret sexy" and I think this is exactly that. It's just a bit of shoulder but MAN ALIVE is it hot!


me melodia said...

I'd kill for the ysl shoulder dress.
it's perfect.

hazel said...

loew i'm seriuzly digging and viktor and rolf can do no wrong in my book.

Luce said...

ah ah the shoulders in that Viktor and Rolf jacket make me want to cryyy.

Sydney said...

Oh how I lust for the Fall shows!
Your blog is perfection!
Consider me a fan!

The Fashion Pinko said...

viktor & rolf, looks 2 and 3: AMAAAAAAAAZING.