Pre Fall 09: The Golden Boys

1. Balenciaga:
Ok, now thats done. Anywho, this look feels quite American Sportswear without the crazy gloves. A cool, loose, white blouse and slouchy riding pants. It's like Ralph Lauren as seen through the eyes of Nicolas.

This look is just pure coolness. What's going on with those crazy boots? They are the entire opposite of the insanely relaxed and chic look. The peach cardigan totally takes it to the next level.

I don't care for the legwear here but the dress is pure awesomeness and I am just dying over the crazy handgear malarky. I want balloon chiffon armwarmers.

2. Nina Ricci:
Demure beige suit entirely too hot to handle. Yes, please.

Only Olivier can do such insanely feminine gossamer dresses that still have a total edge to them.

3. Lanvin:
Once again, first things first: OMG it's Hannelore! I love love love Hannelore. She is so insanely womanly and weird and fierce in the non-Tyra sense of the word.
Ok, this is so mysterious and sexy and slightly... funereal too, but I think that's where some of the sexy comes from? I love that the voluminous shoulder hints at skin and sexiness and instead we are met with a black long sleeve that ends in a leather glove. There is no skin exposed but holy hell this is SO H O T.

Oh this blouse is just magnificent. This is a decidedly grown up, insanely powerful way to express power and sexuality. I'm betting that either Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton end up wearing it somwhere (although it might not be weird enough for Tilda).

YES! Screw all this recessionista* bullshit. Bring me decadence! This is the kind of stuff I would walk around in if I was Queen of the World.

And then there's this look! It's so dark and mysterious and "I'm-going-hunting-in-the-Black-Forest/ Hitchcock-blonde" sort of thing. The coat is absolutely magnificent.

*I absolutely LOATHE the word/concept "recessionista". The word "fashionista" comes in at second place.


nadarine said...

Universe, please please please give me furry opera gloves. And give Laia all the Nina Ricci shown here, as she would look amazing in them all.

Ashley said...

balenciaga #2, the color palette is divine.

erikka said...

The gorilla arms are freaking me out.

hazel said...

i'm loving the balenciaga SO MUCH
i'm gunna need sum closeups on those cuh-razy boots.

Raquel said...

how do you feel about the word "stylista"? haha, that takes the cake for me!

xo raquel


cake. said...

holy s-h-i-t. i LOVE that nina ricci suit!

woodley park-zoo said...

The #2 Balenciaga keeps me mind whirring...
Mad Max Dexter's Lab Scientist girl goes to her sister's WASPy country club engagement party?

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I LOVED baleciaga! ahhh!

July Stars said...

I was so surprised by the Nina Ricci collection, completely new direction but so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, if the new minis are going to be THAT mini, I'd better start working out, um...like 2006.


michelle said...

So lovely :D

KATLIN said...

I love the proportions of the Balenciaga looks! And whoa baby, Olivier made some short skirts!!

laia. said...

raquel: noooo not stylista either! hahaha