Pre-Fall 09: Now with more stuff!

1. Alberta Ferreti:
Simple, pretty dress.

2. Moschino:
These scribbled-on pieces will go perfect with the scribbled mary-janes I've been lusting after. On the trenchcoat it's fun and cartoon-7 and on the dress it is so elegant!

3. Alexander McQueen:
This jacket is so insanely incredible.

I don't even have any words for this one! This is so good. I am also imagining that the blue detail underneath is a crazy tattoo which makes me like it even more. This is naughty for sure.

You want an exaggerated silhouette? Get.it.

4. Givenchy:
Baby blue Seinfeld pirate shirt, black dude blazer and a lace skirt? Riccardo, darling, I forgive you for all the sins you committed at the Spring 09 collection.

Another totally awesome Morticia Addams look. This is ridiculous, fanciful and tough all at once.


Ashford said...

I love the longer skirts that are coming back. Rather 40s, no?
Idk if they would work for me though.
only if fitted perfectly!

readysetfashion said...

what i would do for the mcqueen hats let alone the suits....to-die-for!