Pre Fall 09 Part Four

1. Diane von Furstenberg:
I guess the whole Russian Constructivism thing will be big this uh pre-fall(?). Following in Chanel's footsteps, Diane has this incredible coat in shades of red, black and cream. I would wear this forever

2. Missoni:
This print is just aces, and the fact that it comes with matching tights only makes it better. How insane would you look walking down the street in this? Totally bananas.

This look feels very turtle-y, but the colors are insanely fall-like and delicious. I quite liked this Missoni collection, it felt a bit more dark and mysterious than some of their recent outings. The shirt would probably look awesomely nerdy when paired with jeans. Love it.

3. Phi:
Warrior woman for sure. The green cardigan is fantastic and the three belts are a really cool detail. This is a good look to take ideas on how to wear the stuff you have in your closet already. Maybe this fall I will finally get leather gloves. (Yeah, I know it's cold now and I could get them but I'm just giving myself something to look forward to. Also, I am trying to fool myself into believing that spring is just around the corner.)

A little Balenciaga-ish and the boots/leg warmer things are totally insane. But I think the shapes and colors here are really nice together.

I love this jacket!

4. Tuleh:
I think Tuleh's target market is a little older than me, but there's something really nice and slightly quirky about this suit. I would like the design on the print to be bows, but I'm pretty sure they're butterflies. Well you know, not my taste, but a little something for everyone.

I really dig the flower print in this dress and LOVE that the coat is liness in the same fabric. It's such a cool effect!


kimberleigh rose said...

The missoni look is my absolute favorite. Any one item would be amazing by itself, but all together? Incredible! -kimberleighROSE

yellow, white, red ROSES

woodley park-zoo said...

I'd totally go for that coat #1... I want it!!!
And the extraordinary matchy touch with the Missoni is also the GLOVES!

white lightning said...

i need the missoni, like right quick