Pre Fall 09: Proenza Schouler

A few random thoughts:
1. Jack and Lazaro are awesome.
2. I don't remember a collection of theirs that I've not fallen in love with.
3. If someone was like "Laia, from now on you can only wear Proenza Schouler and nothing else", I would totally be ok with that. I mean, this collection alone is just all I could ever want to wear ever.

Ok, enough chitchat. Here are the clothes.
I would wear this everyday, exactly as shown. The jacket is incredible, the skirt has the perfect amount of volume and the material seems super rad. And the booties? OH YEAH!

Another great jacket. Also the combination between the tonal greys and the metallic skirt is super rad.


Navy leather jacket: Yes. It also probably matches the navy leather Proenza bag that I am dying for. I am not one for matchy-matchy, but I am also not made of stone!

The draped top is super cool by itself, but I love love love the short bustier layered over it; especially because you can only see one side.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love metallic. I love texture. I love metallic texture. I love mismatching metallic textures. I uh... love this.
Seriously though guys, that skirt!

Totally rad. Perfect look to attempt to recreate in real life sans Proenza budget. The navy and black cardigan is calling my name like you have no idea.

Now what do I have to do to get my hands on these?
I cannot WAIT to see their Fall collection.


hazel said...

okay, the purple leather dress is just...wow.
it's my favorite color, i love the cut, and it's...wow.
wow wow wow. proenza schouler.
(i really love saying proenza schouler. pro-en-ZAH sch-oo-ler)

KATLIN said...

Loved the styling of this collection!

lisa said...

i love this!

Luce said...

ahhhhhh!!! so good. that last look actually kills me. Also, its all easy to thrift/DIY, yussss.

deedoubleyou said...

oh i 100% agree i love this SO much. amazing. i would also wear everything. those boots too!! ahh wonderful picks

Lily said...

Navy leather jacket! I'm so nuts for navy leather, it's like black but betttttter.

Becky said...

laia i have never likes PS before now...could it be I never gave them a chance? I would totally be okay with wearing these outfits everyday!

Ashley said...

the fabrics seem really innovative. love LOVE the gloves on the last pic.
totally rocking a belted cardi and a sequin mini as soon as i get the chance!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i want that blue leather jacket sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!
where is our fashion grant when we need it?