Size ain't nothin but a number, baby

Throughout all my years working retail (9 of them, to be exact), I've noticed that people are REALLY weird about the size in their clothes and shoes. I remember people asking to try on shoes in a size x, and when it didn't fit and I asked if I could bring the next size up or down, they would say "no, I wear a size x". Similarly with clothes, it seems that people are super set on the sizes they are willing to try on. It's weird how people are reluctant to try sizes smaller or (god forbid!) bigger than what they are accustomed to. Considering how much sizes vary from store to store, this is just insane! When you go shopping, you should really just look at stuff. I know, "is there any other way to shop?", well yeah, but I mean really "look" at it, and not at what is written on the label. If I hadn't done that, I would've never found my new favorite jacket at H&M last week.

Ack! My hair looks crazy!

I'd seen this jacket at the store a couple of weeks ago, but it was $70 dollars, which I wasn't willing to spend now that I work at a store where I have to wear the clothes we carry (yes, there are 2 extra days a week where I can do whatever I want, but I'd much rather save my pennies for shoes). It reminded me of this photo of Raquel Zimmerman wearing YSL that ran in Vogue a while ago, which for some reason is burned into my brain like caramel (haha). So I went to H&M last Friday because I wanted a new pair of pants (no pants fit me, but thats another story for another post), and right there in the sale rack, with a 50% off tag sticking from the shoulder, was THE jacket. There were two left and they were both a size 10 (I usually wear a 4 at H&M). I looked at them. They didn't really seem THAT big. And off to the fitting room I went.

So.... it fit? I was so psyched. I have no idea how the jacket was supposed to fit in the first place, since the shoulders were only a teeny bit big, which isn't a problem with a slouchy jacket anyways. The sleeves fall somewhere between my elbow and my wrist, which is PERFECT for rolling the suckers up. It has a slight flare, and a beautiful fall in the back and it also feels a bit like a dress, not unlike the one Freja wore down the YSL runway for the Fall 07 show. I'm pretty sure I will wear this jacket all the time, as I've worn it the past two days. It's a little bit tricky to get the right proportion for the things I am wearing under it, but I think the raddest way to wear it will be with some old American Apparel pieces that I have lying around that have been forgotten because it seems I've become too self-conscious to wear them on their own (I mean, those cotton bodycon dresses leave nothing to the imagination! good heavens! haha). So this is how I wore it to work the other day, over one of my work dresses, with tights and my YSL shoes (which, by the way are insanely high!). Hooray for new favorite pieces!

Ps. I feel like this jacket also fulfills a little bit of my desire to wear dude clothes. Not in its shape, but definitely in its fit. Two birds with one stone!

Man, what a lengthy post! I didn't know I had so much to say about sizing and jackets.


woodley park-zoo said...

Love the colour, does it have a bit of a sheen?

I don't go to H&M very often or have much of their stuff (except some by way of thrift) but it definitely seems like their sizing is a bit funky, like I'll wear a 2 in something and an 8 in something else...

I don't care what size things are, I just need to see how it fits, and if things are overlarge, shit, I'm going to ponder if I can alter it down if I love it!

Jen said...

I usually use sizing as a rough guide. I know I won't fit into a 2, for instance, but anything from an 8 to a 16 I'll at least hold up against me and see if it's close. If it is, it's off to the dressing room.

angiesyounglover said...

i love freja, she's hot, 1.
2, lindsay fuckin lohan wore got to wear that when she was in on the cover of Elle (didn't wear it on the cover). i hate her. she slutted it up and her tits were hanging out. classy.
3, your hair is swooshy swa! i like it!

Alice X said...

that looks hot on you, i love slightly slouchy and slightly bigger. i can't believe people are so sensitive about stuff like that, things on sale never have the right size but you make do with what you have:)


Betty said...

It fits you perfectly! Lovely jacket, lovely outfit.

Raquel said...

i always forget that you can try other sizes on! i've bought amazing pieces and taken them home, only to realize, "wait a minute, the size smaller would have fit me waaay better" but by that time it's too late. damn! i'm trying to remember this lesson these days.

xo raquel