Something about Dudes

1. Gaultier:
This suit is slouchy in all the right places.
ps. I don't know if the model is a dude or a lady!

2. Number (N)ine:
Upholstery cape: Perfect.
Romantic layers: Perfect.
Beaded face veil: Insane.
= Y E S !
Yeah this is so insanely feminine, but like, douchey-dont-give-a-damn-hipster that it's hot. Oh god. It's true, I mean, yeah?

3. YSL:
Ooh a slouchy trenchcoat! A must in everyone's wardrobe!
The proportions in this are so wrong they are right. I am DYING over that jacket.

4. Ann Demeulemeester:
Oversized sweaters are always cool. They are even better when they have tentacles.

5. Hermes:
Love the colors in the cardigan. Such a cool design.


Ashford said...

love the hermes. it's even more fun when you say HER MEEZE.

Alice X said...

love the cardigan, haha i thought the first dude was ali michaels at quick glance:)