Spring 09 Couture II

Oh my! There are so many show pictures going on these days, aren't there? I hope y'all aren't too bogged down. I am trying to break them up as much as I can so it doesn't get too crazy. As I was going through the pictures on Style.com, the BBC Couture documentary came on PBS so that was pretty rad. I always love to see Karl Lagerfeld sketching away like a mad man.

1. Chanel:
Or rather, Chanel in detail. Most of the outings were all white (so it was hard to see details on the computer screen) and on top of that, they weren't particularly remarkable (I'm not trying to be sacrilegious! It was just sort of normal Chanel couture? Does that make sense?), but once I saw the detail pictures the magic sort of came out. My favorite part were the perfectly exquisite shoulder. I would just love to have such a nice structured jacket in my life.

2. Givenchy:
This is like a new, future version of a sex kitten from the 50's. I think I am obsessed with crazy shoulders right now. Oh and don't even get me started on that neckpiece!

3. Christian Lacroix:
This is slightly awkward in the best way possible. The sleeves on the jacket are so fitted! Can you even imagine how incredible it would feel to wear it?

A babydoll on crack. On sweet, sweet, delicious tangerine crack. Those ruffles are so out of control that they almost take the "cute" part out of the dress and make it totally awesome.

This is like old-school royalty portrait outfits done today. The flower jacket and brocade skirt are so beautiful that it's painful. Painful because I can't have it. SOB! Woe is me. God seriously, just look at it.

Oh short sleeve jacket, how you tease me so. Note to self: Get more flower print tights.

Oh dudes, no one does color like Lacroix, that's for sure. This reminds me of when you wash your tray of paint after you're done making an illustration and all the colors blend together and swirl and go nuts in your white sink, except of course the most perfect way possible.


Alice X said...

msoo true, i feel like white and black never show up right in picture, all the detail is lost. it'd be a lot different seeing chanel couture in person, i wish:)


E.K. said...

That Givenchy neck piece is crazy