Spring 09 Couture III

1. Valentino:
Yay for more futuristic retro dresses!

This dress is incredible! The pleating detail on it is amazing, and from the way it is molding the model's legs, I can tell it just has an insane fit and it's probably light as air.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier:
Totally kooky, a little victorian and 80s hair metal with a twist of beetlejuice. Fuckin rad.

This is so wrong. So wrong. And yet, I love it. I love everything about it. The trench is the perfect item to diffuse the crazy situation going on downstairs.

I would've loved to wear this at the Rydell High School Dance, because for sure I would get tv time on National Bandstand and then I'd be all like "They call me Cha Cha 'cause I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's" and then Frenchy would be all " WITH THE WORST REPUTATION", but why would I even care? I'm wearing a crazy awesome Gaultier dress.

Ooh... so naughty!

3. Elie Saab:
Ooh, so beautiful. Your basic coutoure awesomeness, yes, but nonetheless beautiful. I bet you someone's going to wear this at the Oscar's or something.

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